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2012 03.07

Soda Geyser Car is a summer science hit

Be Amazing!'s Soda Geyser Car has become a summertime hit!   Powered by Mentos candies and diet soda, it goes up to 150 feet and up to 30 miles an hour, spewing the soda fuel all the way.   It's an outdoor event.  Check out the video!

DiscoverThis.Com is featuring the Soda Geyser Car right now.  Click here.
2010 08.26

3 Great Summer Science Experiments


School’s out for the summer, but science fun is always in.  If you are looking for some cool summer fun, here are three great activities perfect for summer science discovery


Create a spectacular soda fountain using the Geyser Tube 

Have you heard of the Mentos® Candies/Diet Coke reaction?  The combination of these two ingredients results in an amazing, foaming reaction that shoots straight into the air for the coolest chemical reaction you’ve ever seen.  It has been featured on many different TV shows, including The Late Show with David LettermanLive with Regis and KellyThe SimpsonsMythBusters, and many more.  Just drop some mint-flavored Mentos® Candies into a two liter bottle of Diet Coke and watch the soda volcano erupt!  The Geyser Tube  was created especially for this amazing experiment, and allows you to control the timing of the reaction and to safely load and dispense the candies directly into the bottle for the most amazing eruption possible (up to 25 feet high!)  You’ll definitely want to head outside for this experiment, though.  Watch this video to see why:

Watch a video of the Amazing Geyser Tube


Add water to create an instant blizzard in a cup with Insta Snow® Powder

When the weather heats up, you can use this amazing powder to instantly create some cool winter fun anytime.  Insta-Snow® powder allows you to make amazingly realistic snow just by adding water.  Insta-Snow® belongs to a special class of compounds called the superabsorbents, and is related to the special powder found in disposable baby diapers.  Insta Snow® powder, on the other hand, was created with cool kid scientists like you in mind.  Pouring water on a pinch of this powder makes the powder expand to over 100 times its original size to make a fluffy, white substance that looks just like the real thing.  You can use Insta Snow® to create winter scenes for your toys and action figures, to amaze your parents and fool your friends ("check out this special dehydrated snow…”) or as the basis for fun science experiments.  If water makes Insta Snow® grow, what else do you think will work?  Oil?  Milk?  Salt water?  Soda?  What do you think will happen if you add food coloring to the water before you add Insta Snow® powder?  The possibilities for summer science discovery are as great as your imagination.

Watch the Insta-Snow® video

Capture the power of the sun with amazing beads that 

change color in sunlight

With so much sunshine around, you should capture some and put it to work.  Energy Beads start out white, but absorb UV energy to change color in sunlight.  Take them back indoors and they will fade back to white.  The color change happens again and again.  The Energy Beads Bracelet kit comes with thirty color-changing beads and yarn to make a super UV-detection bracelet.  The kit instructions include great ideas for summer science fun.  You can act as a UV detective to determine whether light sources have UV or other light energy.  You can also use energy beads to test the effectiveness of your sunscreen or sunglasses.  You’ll learn the difference between UV and indoor lighting, and end up with an awesome color-changing bracelet to show your friends. 


Do you have other summer science ideas or questions?  We’d love to hear from you.  Email us at

2010 05.21

Be Amazing! Toys at ASTRA

Join us at the 2010 ASTRA show in Providence RI. Elizabeth and Renee will be there. You can find us at booth 221.  

See you there!

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